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    1. Ethos \E"thos\, n. [L., fr. Gr. character. See Ethic.]
The distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, disposition or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution; the spirit which actuates manners and customs; the characteristic tone or genius of an institution or social organisation.
Thesaurus: ideals, morality, principles, manners, code, character, standards, ethic, beliefs, mores, attitudes, tenor, spirit.
2. Gr. Æsthetics and Rhetoric, character; ideal ideals.

Mission Statement

ethos is the foundation on which to build your Business’s future Applications.
We are the Development Partners to choose who will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resource to realise your Business’s next generation of Strategic Applications

Our mission is to provide the following services

  • Joint development of Customer Products and Business Solutions

  • Sales and Support of Strategic Products

  • Consultation, Contracting and implementation in those Products

Specialising in

  • Project Management and Team Implementations

  • Sound Business Analysis and comprehensive System Design Skills

  • Strong Core Development Expertise and a sound track record of Application Delivery and Support

In the Business Areas of

  • Financial, Banking, and Branch Applications

  • Document Management, Workflow, Intranet Applications, and Imaging/Scanning

  • Medical and General Practice Management (Time, Billing, Contact)

  • System Integration (Business Hardware Device, Host/GIS/Manufacturing Systems, Online Information, Caller ID/Call-centre/Telephony)

Favouring the following technologies and platforms

  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Visual Tools, Microsoft BackOffice, Borland Development Tools


The Beginning

In a spectacular product announcement on May 22, 1990, a new technology emerged into the computer marketplace. Windows 3.0 was released and so began the development of applications based on the operating system itself.

The founders of ethos Software Architects already well familiar with this technology from their years of experience with the Unix based windowing systems, were soon developing this new breed of Windows application in their particular field of the computer industry.

As fate would have it, the directors of ethos found themselves working together on a large multinational, client-server based Windows application. Although having emerged from dissimilar backgrounds, e.g. Flexible manufacturing systems, financial quotation systems, and data administration systems, they found they had all experienced one common problem with the software development industry...

That was the inability of businesses to realise the promise of this new technology. Technology did not solve problems, it only allowed you to create better solutions. Rapid Application Development and Prototyping were no panacea for formal Business Analysis and System Design, and technology misunderstood led to incredibly complex and catastrophic systems.

In the Spring of 1995, ethos Software Architects Limited was formed with the intention of solving the technological dilemmas plaguing today’s software developers. ethos are the people with the genius to solve your development requirements and system design, have the character and professionalism necessary to build business partnerships and long term working relationships with our customers and clients, and provide the excellence demanded by the computer industry to deliver your business’s future applications.


The Challenge

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" – In the early 1960’s, Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors a designer could pack on to a chip doubled approximately every 18 months, and as we approach the next century development continues at this blistering pace. Mega becomes Giga, which will soon become Tera.

We live in a world where technology advances faster than our comprehension of it, information becomes more important than the systems that deliver it, and the number of development tools advertised in your average computer magazine out numbers the articles themselves. Yet often we are still left struggling with obsolescent hardware, large legacy systems, and development tools and languages from a previous decade.

As technology advances, so increases the number of choices that we make about the way we work and do business, and if technology has taught us anything about business then having the best products and services has only become more significant as we enter the next century. If your business is to survive the global markets of the next decade then ensuring that you have competitive products and services will be a key factor in that success.

The challenge is simple, how to integrate the best of what technology offers into the products that you develop and the services that you provide now. Whether it be more accessible and accurate information, decreased turnaround times by utilising workflow and document management systems, or the integration of your existing systems into your future suite of applications.

The Solution

It has been said that there are, "Technical solutions for technical problems, and political solutions for political problems". When implementing a new project or technology an appreciation of both these aspects is required for it to be successful. Technology must be justifiable and acceptable to the ultimate users of these systems. It is for this reason that ethos offers a range of services, from advice and proposals to design and development that will suit your business’s current requirements and future development needs.

The crucial elements of any project are Resource, Expertise, Experience, and maintaining the optimal mix of these components throughout the projects life-cycle. It is ethos’s intention to provide your business with these key components throughout each stage of your project’s development, and to pass on our knowledge to the development teams we are part of, to ensure the projects ultimate success.

ethos Resource aims to provide your business with experienced developers immediately. From a single developer to a multi-skilled self-managing team of developers that are productive from day one. ethos is able to provide your business with on-site developers as well as quality out-sourced development.

ethos Expertise provides a kick-start to integrating new technologies into your business’s development teams. Our highly skilled and trained personnel can fulfil specialised roles within your business teams, and allow your developers to leverage their knowledge off our own senior consultants and developers.

ethos Experience provides proven Business Analysis, Designers, Project Managers and Team Leaders well versed in business requirements analysis, conceptual design and data-modelling, functional design activities, project and team leadership, creation of appropriate documentation, to distribution and long term support of the product.

By utilising our Resource, Expertise, and Experience you will have the foundation on which to build your Business’s future Applications, and the Development Partner to allow you to realise your Business’s next generation of Strategic Applications.


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