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 Ethos provides excellent services in the software industry at very
 competitive rates. It has extensive experience in a variety of
 Development environments on Microsoft and Internet/Intranet
 platforms. Please contact Ethos to discuss your requirements.

 Development and Expertise
 Consultation, Training and Support


 Development Expertise



  • HTML: Creation of web pages using HTML from version 1 to 3. Page layout, scanning and cleaning up images. Imagemaps , clickable images, creation of pages with no frames or pages which can be used with or without frames (allowing the user to choose).

    ActiveX Resources

  • VB Script: Active X development and VBA. Development of embedded VB into pages in the same way JavaScript can be embedded to a similar ends.

  • ASP: Active Server Pagess. Server side scripting allows for dynamic web pages to be built on the fly.

  • Database Connectivity: Connectivity of existing Databases. JDBC and ODBC Connections.

  • Servers and Security: The installation and setting-up of server hardware and software. Web Servers, E-Mail servers, NT- Server. Intranet Servers and Databases. Firewall installation, Name server Installation. Full Server Support Agreements.

  • Networks: The design of networks and installation of full network packages. Router Installation and setup, LAN's, Server connectivity, ISP connectivity.

  • Page Design and Graphic Design: We can design pages that fit your needs, budget and provide that extra special touch that captures the user's eye. From simple advertising or company introduction pages right through to data connectivity models, we can provide a solution for you.


 Windows(R)/Windows NTTM

  • NT Client Server Development: Implementation of Microsoft’s three-layer approach and Object Component Model. Client Server through DAO or RDO through to SQL-Server, Ingress or Oracle.

  • Visual Basic: specialities include connectivity with server databases (Ingres, Oracle), Development of VBX custom controls, ODBC , Access pass through strategies, Large scale product development and size/performance optimisation, Management of Visual basic projects with multiple developers/multiple concurrent releases, MAPI Interface development, Product Prototyping, Implementation of Microsoft's three layer approach, Generating a user installable release with updating features.

  • Visual C++ Visual C++: Compiling for Foundation Class Libraries, Object Oriented data modelling and conceptual design and development in C++, User interface design and development, DLL development, Low level ODBC connectivity.


  • SQL Server: Data modelling and performance tuning. Distributed database architecture deployment and data replication and Internet/Intranet access to data.

  • Microsoft Access: Data modelling and performance tuning. Application development for small-scale systems, optimisation.

  • Visual Fox/Fox Pro: Large scale development and Windows FoxPro, MAPI compliant interfacing, Optimisation for performance and size.

  • Gupta SQL Windows: Large-scale development, True client server connectivity development (Ingres and Oracle), Optimisation for server performance, Class library generation and management, Conversion to object oriented Gupta from legacy Gupta systems.


 Team Development

  • Architecture and Framework Design: Conventional, n-Tier and Objected Oriented Architecture Design from proof of concept studies and training through to implementation.

  • Methodology Development: Creation of a methodology for development or Team Management. ethos Methodology is based around the Capability Maturity Model, Rationals Objectory and Microsoft Object Component Models, we can provide training and consultancy to improve your production quality and output.


 Consultation, Training and Support

 Ethos is able to provide consultation in any of the following

  • Database design, ODBC, and end-user data, Development experience using Oracle, Ingres, Access, and SQL Server.

  • Design of applications for Graphical User Interfaces, User interface guidelines for Windows(R) 95.

  • Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Implementation

  • Proof of Concept, Feasibility Studies


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